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Fairness for Every Generation: Budget 2024

A fair chance to build a good middle-class life — to do as well as your parents, or better — that’s the promise of Canada. For too many, especially for Millennial and Gen Z Canadians, that promise is at risk. 

Our government has a plan to fix that. We have a plan to build a Canada that works better for you, where you can get ahead, where your hard work pays off, where you can buy a home — where you have a fair chance at a good middle-class life. We’re investing in:

  • More Affordable Homes
  • A Stronger Social Safety Net
  • Economic Growth and Productivity
  • Growing Small Businesses
  • Fairness for Younger Generations
  • Safer, Healthier Communities
  • A Fair Future for Indigenous Peoples
  • Protecting Canadians and Defending Democracy
  • Tax Fairness for Every Generation

Budget 2024 is our government’s renewed vision for unlocking the door to the middle class for millions of younger Canadians. We’re building more housing and making life cost less. We’re driving our economy toward growth that uplifts everyone. Because that is what your parents and grandparents want for you, too.

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Fiscal responsibility does not ignore the social needs of a nation.

- Tony Van Bynen

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Acknowledging Local Champions

Honouring the Life and Legacy of Terry Carter

Recognizing an impactful community leader who recently passed in our community. Terry Carter’s legacy and dedication to Newmarket will live on.

Recognizing Lupus Canada's Work

By providing our community with resources on Lupus and supporting those living with it and their families, Lupus Canada is a valuable community service organization.


A group of three young people in our community have designed and produced Buttons4Ukraine to support ongoing relief efforts in Ukraine.