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Visit the Capital and learn about our unique Democracy

Parliament Hill - Ottawa

NOTICE: In person tours are running again on Parliament Hill

Parliament: The Experience

Each year, over 400,000 people tour the Parliament buildings in Ottawa. In person tours are oficially running again. You may also wish to visit the virtual Parliament Tour below.

Parliament: The Virtual Experience is an immersive journey that takes you into the heart of Parliament, where historic spaces spring to life with magic realism. The experience combines photorealism with vivid sound, colour and light.

I invite you to join our virtual tour. Step into the heart of Canada’s democracy, where Parliament comes to life – all from the comfort of your home.


My team is at your service to give you a tour of the new House of Commons and Senate buildings. If you are a large group we can also arrange a tour with your own parliamentary tour guide.

Question Period tickets

When the House is sitting, we can arrange tickets for you come to watch Question Period live in the new temporary House of Commons of West Block.

Contact our team for further inquiries:

Tony Van Bynen

Member of Parliament for

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