Davis Drive Project is Funded by the Province of Ontario

This year we are at the stage where the construction activity on Davis Drive is at its peak and is, by its nature, most disruptive.  The east and westbound Vivastation platforms at Parkside/Longford and Davis Drive are starting this month.  I understand the inconvenience this project has presented as much as anyone else.

In my conversations with our residents, I let them know that the Davis Drive and Yonge Street VivaNext project is funded by the Province of Ontario.  The bulk of the cost of this project will not be funded through Newmarket or York Region property taxes.  While it is true that part of our taxes to the province will contribute to projects like this, it is important to note that this investment was directed to our community rather than to another part of the province.

After enduring decades of traffic congestion on Davis Drive and Yonge Street, these road improvements are necessary and long overdue.  This major road reconstruction project is a sound investment in our future that will produce major savings for our Town.  It involves extensive replacement of bridges and underground infrastructure in order to avoid repair and replacement for decades to come, thereby reducing the future demand on our asset replacement funds.

How We Are Supporting Our Small Business Community

I truly understand this project is creating inconvenience and hardship for those individuals and businesses that are directly affected.  The Town of Newmarket and the Region of York are going to great lengths to make the process fair and equitable for impacted property owners, while recognizing our overall community needs.

After consulting with small business owners, VivaNext, and the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce, we have formed a group to help support the businesses directly affected by the construction.  Just last week our Chamber of Commerce and VivaNext were able to establish a Business Services Support position for the Davis Drive construction corridor in partnership with Seneca College.  This new initiative will be implemented over the next few weeks to help develop or improve their business promotion plans through social media, as well as to reduce operating costs for electronic payment systems.

In addition to the support our Chamber of Commerce is providing, I am in frequent communication with merchants to discuss their concerns.  I am also undertaking the effort to help promote their businesses through various social media channels during the construction period.

A Better Experience for Everyone

The Town of Newmarket is experiencing growth like many of our surrounding municipalities.  In the process of managing the changes that come with growth, we are working diligently to minimize the short term disruptions for the long term benefits of a major investment like this one.

Over the years we have successfully implemented the reconstruction of Main Street, the revitalization of Downtown Newmarket, and the construction of the Riverwalk Commons.  So it will be with Davis Drive. I appreciate the patience and suggestions of all of our residents as we work together to create a better experience for everyone on Davis Drive.

You can also stay informed about construction progress through: http://www.vivanext.com/subscribe/

  1. Jake Petersen says:

    I still don’t understand the need for a viva route in newmarket. What does this accomplish that the YRT didn’t? It takes me 8-10 minutes some mornings to get from Longford to Bathurst on Davis right now, so hopefully when the constructions done that time will decrease. With that said my grandmother lives in an apartment on Davis drive, and the construction workers start at the earliest legal hour, which is putting a real strain on the elderly residents in that area. Not to mention the people who either work late jobs and thus are sleeping at this hour. This whole thing is a mess. It should A) not be taking this long, and B) there should be a clearer vision for what this will accomplish. Residents just simply don’t understand the benefits and it’s your job to make it clearer to them why they need this.

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