I am proud to announce that I have registered as a candidate for re-election as Mayor of Newmarket on October 27, 2014.

It has been an honour for me to serve as Mayor of Newmarket for the past seven years.  We can all take pride in achievements like the Magna Centre, the Riverwalk Commons and being recognized in a national survey as one of Canada’s top ten places to live.  Over the next four years I want to lead our efforts to face the challenges and opportunities that are ahead. My priorities are:

  • Managing Growth: so that it develops along the Yonge Street & Davis Drive corridors and not in our residential neighbourhoods;
  • Bringing Broadband to Newmarket: A robust broadband infrastructure is as essential to our economic future as rivers, roads and railways were to our past. Broadband connectivity will also greatly improve our quality of life in this age of information technology.
  • Creating Jobs: to encourage businesses to invest in Newmarket to create well-paying jobs so our residents can live, play and work here.
  • Supporting Our Hospital: finding ways for Southlake to expand training and opportunities for medical professionals to plan their careers here.  We have already begun these efforts and there is much more to do.
  • Managing Taxes: to deliver exceptional services while managing our expenses carefully to ensure all of our residents receive the best possible value for their tax dollars.

Roxanne and I have made Newmarket our home for the past 34 years.  We have raised our daughters here. Like you we have watched Newmarket grow and evolve.  Our priority is to manage growth and other changes so that we keep the safe, caring sense of community we hold high.

  1. Tony has done a very good job as Mayor! His vote on Glenway and standing up for the official plan is what was needed. He works well with other counsellors to get things done and by keeping property taxes reasonable with good service levels is good for Newmarket! Thanks for deciding to run again.

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