Voters deserve facts

Using partial information to mislead residents is irresponsible and dishonest. Some candidates want voters to think Newmarket is in disarray; in fact, just last year Newmarket was named one of the top 10 places to live in Canada. Some candidates want voters to doubt the integrity of our community’s leaders; in fact, our leaders have, time and again, demonstrated their devotion to public service. Some candidates want voters to think that in-camera meetings are dishonest; in fact, meetings are held in-camera only to protect our residents in negotiations or to protect identifiable individuals. All candidates have a duty to be truthful to those whom you seek to serve when you run for public office. Voters deserve facts.

Newmarket is flourishing

Our family-oriented values have shaped our neighborhoods: building the Riverwalk Commons, opening the Magna Centre, and revitalizing Main Street.

Our sense of community is enjoyed by residents throughout Newmarket at gathering places, recreational programs, and community events like our Farmer’s Markets, Terry Fox Run, and Jazz Festival.

Our forward-thinking ideas, such as municipal partnerships, LED street lights, and solar power systems, will generate $11.6 million in savings and $3 million in revenue over the next 15 to 20 years.

Our disciplined approach has achieved one of the lowest property taxes per capita in York Region and the GTA, with a year-over-year reduction in debt, and the highest level of reserve funds in Newmarket’s history.

Most of all, our common passion to make Newmarket even better has made our community a truly special place to live.

Vote for a family-oriented and forward-thinking Newmarket on October 27th

Newmarket will be well-connected with a high-speed, gigabit broadband corridor to improve internet connectivity for households and businesses, and to allow for strategic economic development and quality jobs for residents.

Newmarket will attract world-class medical professionals to live and work locally.

Newmarket will be a vibrant and liveable community, enriched with arts and culture, recreation and well-managed growth.

Newmarket will be family-focused, by investing in our trails, parks, green space and recreation facilities to create a high quality of life for everyone.

Newmarket will be easy to get around in, with improved roads and transit options with VivaNext, MetroLinx, YRT and GO Transit.

I am truly excited for the fantastic plan we have over the next four years.