Happy New Year! This is a great time to review the past year’s accomplishments, long-term goals and look forward to the year ahead.

We have made good progress on Council’s 2014 to 2018 strategic priorities. You can view our progress report on our website. Our key focus areas and just a few examples of key initiatives and actions for 2016 included:

  • Economic Development and Jobs – completed Economic Development Strategy 2016-2020. In 2016 employment in Newmarket increased by 4.86 per cent from 2015.
  • Enhanced Recreational Opportunities – Newmarket’s Old Town Hall opened, offering extended customer service hours, a cultural hub and amenities, continued Playbook implementation –facility and program development for the next 10 years.
  • Community Engagement – reached over 10,000 Twitter followers, over 620,000 active web sessions, over 40,000 attendees at Town events, over 100,000 customer service center contacts.
  • Traffic Safety and Mitigation – ongoing active transportation, traffic mitigation and traffic calming measures – increased use of Radar Boards and In-Street Bollard Pilot Project, increased communication – Construction Corner newsletter pilot i.e., Downtown Parking Study
  • Efficiency and Financial Management Ongoing implementation of Asset Management Strategy, Implemented $1.5 million in efficiencies, budget reductions and refinements, while maintaining and enhancing services levels in many areas.

We celebrated our many achievements and milestones through our 2015/2016 Community Report and video which is featured on our website. Our theme is ‘connections’. We want our audiences to connect with Newmarket’s new ideas, great experiences, excellence, each other and our Town. It is these connections that make our Town well beyond the ordinary.

View the video community report on our website or request a print copy by calling the Town at 905-895-5193. Flip through the pages of our print publication and see for yourself all that Newmarket has to offer. ​

The Town continues to work through the 2017 Budget. The Town engaged thousands at community events, (Touch-a-Truck, Farmers’ Market, budget game at Old Town Hall) and through our budget survey online – “Put Your Money Where it Matters.” We had over 500 Newmarket residents complete the survey, and this is how you told us you would like to focus resources:

Council is currently reviewing both Capital and Operating (tax-supported) budget for 2017. Get involved! See our weekly Town Page in the ERA or visit our website for meeting schedule or to send your comments on the budget.


The winter can be tough and you might start to hibernate. I encourage you to get out there, fulfill your resolution by walking a trail, outdoor skating, attending Winterfest or signing up for programs – see our Winter Activity Guide. Our new Fitness Centre is opening at the end of this month and it offers exceptional value and amenities. More details are available at newmarket.ca. Come out and discover all there is to do and see in a community well beyond the ordinary!