In Newmarket we have a vision to be well beyond the ordinary.  To be an extraordinary community, at times, we must make bold, future-focused decisions. Over the past decade we have taken many steps to transform our community.

I often hear there is ‘something special about Newmarket.’ I believe what makes us unique and sets us apart is our unwavering sense of community and our dedication to community-building. There is a reason why we have continually been recognized as one of the best places to live in the country and 95 per cent of our residents are happy to live here. This doesn’t just happen by chance. It is the result of hard work, strong leadership and strategic vision.

I would like to reflect back on many of our community successes. At times, difficult decisions had to be made to balance the needs of the present with our long-term vision to make Newmarket even better. This includes the purchase of the Stickwood-Walker farm on Mulock Drive, which saw the development of the Magna Centre, one of Canada’s greenest subdivisions, the creation of community gardens and more. Other examples include our consolidated Operations Centre, Riverwalk Commons and Old Town Hall. As with any major project, we have had to overcome obstacles, but we always kept the end result in mind.  These decisions were made with forethought and the capacity to accommodate future generations. All while keeping taxes in line with inflation.

Now, as these visions have become a reality, they have created necessary spaces for the sustainability of our town. These gathering places have created the venues for arts, culture and recreation to flourish and for us to connect with our community and each other. Beyond roads, buildings and infrastructure, it is what lies beneath the surface, the things you cannot see that truly captures the essence of a community. This is what makes us special.

As we move forward, we know there are exciting times ahead. There are more bold decisions to be made, like our commitment to bringing high speed broadband to Newmarket. We will continue to think big, step outside the box and leave a lasting legacy of sustainability for the Newmarket of tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store…