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More affordable child care spaces: Pre-Budget 2024

For too many young Canadians, a good middle-class life feels out of reach. There are too many hurdles. They do not have a fair chance of doing as well as their parents, or better. In Budget 2024, our plan is tackling fairness for all generations in Canada — from children to seniors.

Our Canada-wide early learning and child care system has cut fees to $10-a-day in eight provinces and territories, and by half everywhere. Just last month, Bill C-35, An Act respecting early learning and child care in Canada, received royal assent — enshrining these values into law. But we know there is more work to be done.

Not enough families have access to affordable spaces — so we’re building more. In Budget 2024, we’re pledging over $1 billion in loans and grants to build more child care spaces from coast to coast to coast. This will increase access to child care services for so many families in Canada and increase competition, which will help lower prices.

In this next step of our economic plan, we’re also making sure rural communities get the child care they need. By forgiving student loans for early childhood educators (ECEs), we’re incentivizing educators to work in those communities. We’re also increasing training for ECEs and supporting more research to improve child care — because families from all generations deserve accessible child care they can trust.

Tony Van Bynen

Member of Parliament for

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