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Taking Action to Protect the Environment and Support Canadians

The price on pollution is the most effective way to fight climate change while putting money back in your pocket.

Last month, we released our energy affordability package, a series of measures we’re implementing to help support Canadians during the rising cost of living.

First, we’re doubling the pollution price rebate from 10% to 20%  — including in rural households in Ontario. With this increase, we’re putting even more money back in the pockets of families dealing with higher energy costs because they live outside a large city.

Second, we’re temporarily pausing the federal price on pollution on deliveries of heating oil across Canada. This three-year pause will save an average household that uses heating oil $250 at the current rate while we work with provinces to roll out heat pumps and phase out oil for heating over the longer term.

Finally, we’re strengthening the Oil to Heat Pump Affordability program and making agreements with provinces and territories to provide free or nearly free electric heat pumps for homeowners. Through the Energy Affordability Program, the Government of Ontario is providing comprehensive financial support to switch over to electric heat pumps.

By making this switch, homeowners could save thousands of dollars per year on home energy bills, avoid paying the carbon tax on heating after the pause ends, and help reduce Canada’s emissions.

Tony Van Bynen

Member of Parliament for

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