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Powering Canada Forward: Building a Clean, Affordable and Reliable Electricity System for Every Region of Canada

As more Canadians ride electrified public transit and shift to electric vehicles, more homeowners adopt electric heat pumps, and more businesses and industries green their operations, an abundant supply of clean, reliable and affordable electricity will be required.

Canada has built one of the cleanest electricity systems in the world with, more than 80 percent of our power coming from non-emitting sources, and we are well positioned to keep leading.

This week, we released Powering Canada Forwardthe Government of Canada’s vision for transforming Canada’s electricity sector, to decarbonize our grids by 2035, keep our electricity systems reliable and ensure household energy costs are affordable. This project rivals any nation-building project in Canada’s history.

Powering Canada Forward underscores the critical importance of decarbonizing Canada’s electricity systems as a step toward achieving net-zero emissions across the economy by 2050 and ensuring a prosperous future for Canadians.

Creating a grid that can meet our electricity needs is a crucial step in Canada’s efforts to grow the economy, make life more affordable and protect the environment.

Tony Van Bynen

Member of Parliament for

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