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Second benefit period of the Canada Dental Benefit applications will open July 1

Budget 2023 Canada Dental Plan

Proper dental care is a fundamental piece of health and well being. 

That is why, in December 2022, the Government of Canada launched the interim Canada Dental Benefit to help cover dental care expenses for eligible children under the age of 12.

During the first benefit period, from October 2022 to June 2023, the Canada Dental Benefit helped more than 315,000 children access the care they need to develop healthy, bright smiles.

We have announced that applications for the second benefit period of the Canada Dental Benefit will open on July 1, 2023. Now, the second benefit period of the Canada Dental Benefit will provide even more eligible families with up-front, direct payments of up to $650 per eligible child under 12 for dental care services received between July 1, 2023, and June 30, 2024.

To access the second benefit period, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • They have a child or children under 12 as of July 1, 2023, and are currently receiving the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) for that child;
  • They have an adjusted family net income of less than $90,000;
  • Their child does not have access to private dental care coverage;
  • They have filed their 2022 tax return; and
  • They have out of pocket expenses for their child’s dental care services incurred in Canada between July 1, 2023, and June 30, 2024, for which the costs have not been fully covered under another federal, provincial or territorial government program.

Eligible parents can apply for the second benefit period quickly and easily through their Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) My Account. 

Through the Canada Dental Benefit, we are helping children get access to dental care at an early age. By doing so, we are supporting healthier oral health and preventing pain and infections, potential problems with eating, speaking, playing, or learning, as well as other future health problems. The Canada Dental Benefit is the first step in improving access to dental care services for those who need it most.

Tony Van Bynen

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