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Securing Canada’s AI advantage: Pre-Budget 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) has incredible potential to transform the economy, improve the way we work, and enhance our way of life. The global race to scale up and adopt AI is on, and Canada is at the forefront of this technology. To make sure we can seize every opportunity in the economy of the future and set every generation up for success, we need to scale up our innovation ambitions and do it in a way that brings everyone along.

In Budget 2024, we’re investing over $2.4 billion to secure Canada’s AI advantage, like:

  • Investing $2 billion to build and provide access to computing capabilities and technological infrastructure for Canada’s world-leading AI researchers, start-ups, and scale-ups.
  • Boosting AI start-ups to bring new technologies to market, and accelerating AI adoption in critical sectors, such as agriculture, clean technology, health care, and manufacturing, with $200 million in support through Canada’s regional Development Agencies.
  • Investing $100 million to help small- and medium-sized businesses scale up and increase productivity by building and deploying new AI solutions. This will help companies incorporate AI into their businesses and take on research, product development, testing, and validation work for new AI-based solutions.
  • Supporting workers who may be impacted by AI, such as creative industries, with $50 million for the Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program, which will provide new skills training for workers in potentially disrupted sectors and communities.
  • Creating a new Canadian AI Safety institute, with $50 million to further the safe development and deployment of AI. The Institute with leverage input from stakeholders and work in coordination with international partners, will help Canada better understand and protect against the risks of advanced or nefarious AI systems, including to specific communities.
  • Strengthening enforcement of the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act, with $5.1 million for the Office of the AI and Data Commissioner to guide AI innovation in a positive direction to ensure Canadians are protected from potential risks by ensuring the responsible adoption of AI by Canadian businesses.

In Budget 2024, we’re taking steps to advance innovation and economic growth in Canada. These historic investments will ensure Canada is at the forefront of AI development.

Tony Van Bynen

Member of Parliament for

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