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Community Champion: Girls Inc

During Gender Equality Week we celebrate the trailblazers – locally, nationally and globally – striving for equal access to education, leadership opportunities and representation. The theme this year, #BecauseOfYou, highlights those striving for gender equality to create a better world for all of us. There are many who are working on creating equality in our community, such as Girls Incorporated of York Region.  

 Girls Inc. is a non-profit youth organization that is dedicated to empowering girls and young women to seek the highest quality of life possible. They have immense programs that are designed to help girls develop to the fullest of their capacities in all areas of life. Girls are encouraged to develop their voice, take an active role in shaping the programs that they choose to participate in, while enhancing their confidence and self-esteem.  

Their vision is to provide an all-girl environment, which allows girls to focus on their interests, build leadership skills, self-reliance and life skills, and foster their self-respect and self-determination. They wish to build a culture of unity and hope, one in which each child is recognized and valued.  

Their programs focus on hand-on, minds-on learning. These programs are uniquely designed based on need, age, and goal. They provide programming for youth starting at age 5/6 to 18 years old. Programming is for all of those who identify as a girl, focusing on building trusting relationships with a pro-girl and girl-only environment. Programs are research based to support children and youth to lead healthy lives, succeed academically and have the life skills needed tat will prepare them for adulthood.  

As we come to an end of Gender Equality Week, it is important to remember that change begins with our youth. Through teaching girls these important skills and lessons, Girls Inc. is fostering the way for young individuals to feel empowered and be change makers in their communities.   

Thank you, Girls Inc. for assisting to pave the way for Equality in our communities, one girl at a time! For more information on their programming and organization, visit: 

Tony Van Bynen

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