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Learn how in eight easy steps:

Step One: Gather any materials you would like to use in your ice art. I collected pinecones, needles, and sumac berries from my neighbourhood.

Step Two: Find a plastic container that is a shape you like.

Step Three: Put 2-5 cm of water in your container (add food colouring if you wish) and arrange your materials in the water. Warning! More water = more time for it to freeze!

Step Four: Put your art outside in the snow to freeze. Make sure it is away from the house (as the house gives off heat) and it is primarily out of the sun. If you find its not cold enough outside to freeze your art – you could put it in the freezer if you have one.

Step Five: Make sure your art is frozen all the way through and then pop your art out of its container.

Step Six: Try displaying your art in a few different ways. Make sure your display is in the front of your house (or on the balcony of your apartment) so people walking by can enjoy your wonderful creation!

Step Seven: Take pictures right away – just in case is gets warm out.

Step Eight: If you are able, take a walk through the neighbourhood and enjoy the neighbourhood art gallery!

Don’t forget to use this sign to let passer-bys know what your creation is all about. If you don’t have a printer you can design your own sign and use this as a guide for what to include!

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