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Get to know: Environment and Climate Change Working Group

The Newmarket-Aurora Youth Council (NAYC) has divided into working groups to better expand our understanding of key policy issues affecting youth across Canada. The Environment and Climate Change working group is a small but mighty team and we are super excited to announce our major project this year will be to design and implement a Newmarket-Aurora Youth Council Green Award. 

We are well aware that climate change is here and is real. As its impacts we felt all around the world, it is the young people today that will face this worst effects. We recognize that climate change is an interdisciplinary issue, combining science, education, technology and law together and that being said, we are excited to be connecting youth from all different disciplines to contribute to the global movement and decision-making process that will ultimately impact us. 

One way we are planning on connecting youth and promote sustainable practices is by introducing the Green Award. The Green Award will recognize businesses and organizations throughout our riding for their commitment to sustainable best practices. If you or someone you know might qualify for recognition, please follow our social media @nayouthcouncil to stay up to date on our initiative.  

Examples of criteria to qualify for this award include:  

  • Limits the use of single-serve plastic (bags, straws, cutlery etc.) 
  • Effective and sustainable packaging transition to Uber Eats 
  • Sustainably sourced products (according to the Green Business Certification List) 
  • Use of Green Roofs/ Green Walls  
  • Commitment to sustainable waste management 
  • Sustainable disposal of old products/food (compost, donations etc.) 

Community engagement is a key mandate to the NAYC as it increases the visibility and understanding of issues that are affecting our community. Aside from awareness, community engagement builds deeper, strong and more trusting relationships between the public and the community which is why we are super excited to work collaboratively with the SupportingLocals to distribute Green Awards. Additionally, we recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought hardship onto our local businesses and we hope the Green Award serves as a reminder that good work does not go unnoticed. 

Aside from the green award, the Environment and Climate Change working group is also looking forward to hosting various webinars and workshops to expand our knowledge on environmental policies and initiatives. We look forward to opening these events to all members of the riding and collaborating with other youth councils across Canada. 

Tony Van Bynen

Member of Parliament for

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