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April 23rd Weekly Update

Message From Tony

Government budgets identify priorities – the vision of a government, its values and of course spending and revenue forecasts.  Budget 2024 – Fairness for Every Generation speaks directly to values and vision.  Values such public health, clean air, and a healthy environment; employment opportunities and a bright future in the green economy are values important to Canadians as are important social programs such as dental benefits, a national school food program and disability benefits. These programs speak to the very nature of what it means to live in Canada. 

I have long advocated for a federal disability benefit – a benefit overwhelmingly important to my constituents and to Canadians.  A disability benefit cuts across political lines and speaks to the values Canadians believe in, values that define us.  The introduction of the Canada Disability Benefit Act is important legislation that when implemented is estimated to increase the financial well-being of over 600,000 low-income persons with disabilities.

 I am also a strong believer in a national school food program. Nearly one in four children do not get enough food, and that has a real impact on their opportunities to learn and grow.  The National School Food Program is expected to provide meals for more than 400,000 kids each year.

Fairness for every generation means making housing affordable for every generation. On April 12, the government released an ambitious plan to build homes by the millions, Solving the Housing Crisis: Canada’s Housing Plan. I encourage you to explore this historic housing initiative.

As the world becomes increasingly unstable, as climate change increases the severity and frequency of natural disasters, and as the risk of conflict grows, Canada is asking more of our military. Budget 2024 proposes foundational investments of $8.1 billion over five years, starting in 2024-25, and $73.0 billion over 20 years to the Department of National Defence (DND), the Communications Security Establishment (CSE), and Global Affairs Canada (GAC) to ensure Canada is ready to respond to global threats and to protect the well-being of Canadian Armed Forces members.

Addressing the Housing Crisis

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, MP Van Bynen, and MP Francesco Sorbara announcing a Housing Accelerator Fund project in Vaughan, Ontario

All young Canadians are asking for is a fair shot. They deserve the same opportunity to rent or own a place of their own as every other generation that came before them.

We need to restore that dream. Canada has extraordinary potential, but to fully realize it, we must get housing right. In Budget 2024, our government outlined Canada’s Housing Plan, which highlights a number of investments to ensure everyone can have a safe, affordable place to call home. 

First, we’re building more homes. From concept to construction, we’re taking action to accelerate the housing supply and streamline the process for homebuilders and developers to get Canadians into homes that meet their needs at prices they can afford. We’re creating incentives to get builders building, encouraging creative solutions like multiplexes, working with municipalities to improve zoning and permitting processes, and changing the way homes are built in Canada.

Second, we’re making it easier to rent or own a home. We’re making it easier for first-time home buyers to save for their first home, increasing amortization periods to 30 years, taking action to protect renters from unfair rent increases, renovictions, and bad landlords, and ensuring a history of paying your rent on time helps you qualify for a mortgage.

Third, we’re helping Canadians who can’t afford a home. Making sure everyone has a place to live is the right thing to do. That’s why we’re supporting affordable, co-operative, and non-profit housing throughout Canada, investing in the construction of more affordable rental homes, introducing more supports for those experiencing homelessness, and overcoming barriers for those experiencing homelessness to move individuals and families into more stable housing.

We must take action to build a Canada where young people can pursue a career based on the quality of the opportunity instead of the cost of rent, where families can afford a home of their own to raise their kids, where seniors can find a place to live next to their grandkids, and where the people who build our houses can afford to live in them.

In Budget 2024, we’re investing directly in Canadians. We’re going to work with provinces, territories, and municipalities to build more homes at every level of affordability right across the country.

Creating safer, healthier communities

MP Van Bynen joining colleagues to highlight the National Renewal of the Guns and Gangs fund to continue keeping Canadians safe

To build a better future for the next generation, the communities we are building today must be places where people feel secure, where they want to put down roots and start a family. Communities where families are safe, where entrepreneurs want to set up shop, and where people want to invest in their future are key to unlocking the future of Canada.

Budget 2024 takes action to protect our environment and strengthen our communities through measures like:

  • cracking down on auto theft and taking assault weapons off our streets by making it harder to steal vehicles and investing $30.4 million in the buyback of assault-style firearms.
  • recognizing the work of volunteer firefighters and search and rescue by doubling their tax credits.
  • investing in Canada’s National Parks by establishing the new Pituamkek National Park Reserve on Prince Edward Island, the new Central Coast National Marine Conservation Area Reserve in British Columbia, and the Ojibway National Urban Park in Windsor, Ontario.
  • supporting Canadians in their access to justice with $440 million toward access to legal aid in the criminal justice system.
  • keeping our children safe by protecting them from online harm and supporting Kids Help Phone.

Thriving communities need to be safe and inclusive — Canadians need to be able to rely on the safety of the places they live, work, and raise a family in. In Budget 2024, we’re laying out our next steps to do that.

Expanding our economy and creating more good jobs

MP Van Bynen and Minister Gudie Hutchings at the Honda Alliston Plant

To ensure every Canadian succeeds in the 21st century, Canada’s economy must grow to be more productive and innovative, in a way that is shared by all. To do this, the government’s economic plan is investing in the technologies, incentives, and supports critical for increasing productivity, boosting innovation, and attracting more private investment to Canada.

In Budget 2024, we’re outlining the next steps of this economic plan to ensure Canadians of all ages and backgrounds can access good-paying jobs. This includes:

  • investing over $2.4 billion to support AI adoption across Canada, including an AI Compute Access Fund and Canada Sovereign Compute Strategy to help researchers, start-ups, and scale-up businesses access the digital tools they need to compete.
  • delivering, by the end of this year, major economic tax credits to attract private investment, create more jobs, and drive Canada’s economy toward net-zero by 2050.
  • a new Electric Vehicle (EV) Supply Chain investment tax credit to support the EV supply chain and secure the future of Canada’s automotive industry.
  • scaling up modular housing to ensure homes are built year-round to ensure we can build at the pace and scale needed to solve Canada’s housing crisis.
  • delivering on our commitment to refocus $15.8 billion over five years and $4.8 billion ongoing in government spending to the programs and services that matter most to Canadians.
  • maintaining declining debt- and deficit-to-GDP ratios to keep federal debt servicing charges as low as possible in a period of elevated interest rates.

By investing in our economy, we’re investing in the success of Canadians from all generations — from children to seniors. 

Building a stronger social safety net

From universal public health care to Employment Insurance to strong, stable, funded pensions, like the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), there has always been an agreement that as Canadians, we will take care of our neighbours when they have the need.

In Budget 2024, we’re delivering on this agreement to ensure our social safety net works for every generation, especially for Millennials and Gen Z. This includes key measures like:

  • $200 billion over ten years to strengthen universal public health care — because a strong and effective public health care system is at the heart of what it means to be Canadian.
  • launching the new National Pharmacare Plan with $1.5 billion over five years. The first phase will ensure the effective roll-out of pharmacare, while providing immediate support for the health care needs of women and covering lifesaving diabetes medication.
  • providing $1 billion to launch a new National School Food Program in partnership with provinces, territories, and Indigenous partners. This program will expand access to school food programs to more than 400,000 children.
  • launching a new Canada Disability Benefit with $6.1 billion over six years, and $1.4 billion ongoing, to supplement provincial and territorial benefits, increasing the financial well-being of over 600,000 working age-persons with disabilities.
  • launching a $1 billion Child Care Expansion Loan Program to build more and renovate existing child care centres, saving more families thousands of dollars a year on child care.
  • extending increased student grants and interest-free loans to help hundreds of thousands of low- and middle-income students pursue education, regardless of their backgrounds.

These measures build off historic investments we’ve made to help people get ahead, like investments in Canada-wide child care, the Canada Child Benefit, the Canada Workers’ Benefit, and more.

Tony Van Bynen

Member of Parliament for

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