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December 5th Weekly Update

Message From Tony

Working with partners around the world to fight climate change

Our government is taking bold climate action – that’s good for our environment, our economy, and our future.

Since 2015, we’ve advanced on our work to transform Canada into a leading destination for global clean energy investment, while also supporting Canadians through the energy transition.

We’ve outcompeted the U.S. and Europe in attracting major EV and lithium-ion battery plants to Canada – including Volkswagen, Northvolt and E-One Moli. Now, we’re building on these accomplishments with a plan to deliver billions worth of clean investment tax credits – attracting even more investment and good-paying, middle-class jobs to communities across the country.

We’re building the future – and we’re not stopping there.

As we move toward a cleaner future, we’re also making sure that no Canadians get left behind. We designed our price on pollution to be fair – making the biggest polluters pay while everyday Canadians come out ahead – that’s why it puts more money back in eight out of ten Canadians’ pockets. We’re also making it more affordable for Canadians to make the switch to cleaner alternatives through incentives for purchasing EVs and the Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Program.  

Our government understands that having a strong climate plan and a strong economic plan are one in the same.

Last week, Minister Fraser announced that our government has landed another deal to build more homes, faster through the Housing Accelerator Fund, this time with Richmond Hill. This agreement will help build 41,500 over the next ten years.

That means that since September, we’ve unlocked over 45,270 homes over 3-4 years, and 251,646 over 10 years!

The Ukraine Free Trade Agreement

MP Van Bynen with WE HELP! Ukraine to GTA

We have stood with Ukraine since the start of Russia’s illegal invasion and we will stand strong when Ukraine is once again free.

Over the past two months, Bill C-57, the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act, has been going through the House of Commons for its first two readings, consideration in the Standing Committee on International Trade, and is on its way to the Report Stage.

This legislation is an important milestone and will result in a modernized, comprehensive, and progressive Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement (CUFTA), ensuring that everyone feels the benefits of trade.

This is an easy decision, supporting the rule of law and supporting democracy. That’s why I’m supporting the Bill C-57 petition to reaffirm our government’s commitment to Ukraine by swiftly adopting the updated CUFTA.

If you are interested in signing this petition to urge my colleagues to continue supporting this bill, please reach out to my office at

As Ukraine continues to need support to keep their economy going, Canada will be there, whatever it takes, as long as it takes.

2024 Canada Summer Jobs Applications

I was pleased to see such a great turnout of local organizations at my office’s Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) information session. 

It’s important for us to ensure that our community is aware of federal and local priorities when it comes to CSJ funding. By sharing this information, we’re helping organizations and employers in Newmarket-Aurora prepare to submit their application and continue serving families and individuals.

Through CSJ, not-for-profit employers can receive funding for up to 100% of the provincial or territorial adult minimum hourly wage and all associated mandatory employment related costs. Public and private sectors are eligible to receive funding for up to 50% the provincial or territorial minimum wage.

These wage subsidies enabled employers across Canada to create quality summer work experiences for young people between the ages of 15 and 30. It provides youth with opportunities to develop their skills and improves their access to the labour market, especially for those who face barriers to employment.

To be eligible, employers must have 50 or fewer full-time employees across Canada, be able to provide a safe and inclusive work environment for youth, and show that their organization aligns with local and federal priorities.

Employers interested in applying for CSJ 2024 funding are encouraged to submit their applications electronically. For additional information, organizations can refer to the CSJ 2024 applicant guide.

The deadline to apply is January 10, 2024.

Ensuring that Reliable, Quality, and Local News Remain Available

We’re committed to making sure tech giants pay their fair share for news they benefit from. During over a decade of decline in the number of newsrooms and journalists, tech giants got 80% of the online advertising revenue, amounting to $10 billion per year.

While tech giants chose to try and intimidate Canadians into backing down on this, we worked hard to deliver an equitable, independent, and viable framework.

On June 22, 2023, the Online News Act received royal assent, which creates a bargaining framework to ensure that platforms compensate news businesses fairly.

This week, we announced that we have found a path forward with Google to continue giving Canadians access to reliable news content.

Google will contribute $100 million a year, indexed to inflation, to support news access in Canada and ensure the sustainability of our newsrooms. Their contribution will support a wide range of news businesses, including independent ones and those from Indigenous and official-language minority communities.

The announcements of Google’s participation in the Online News Act is historic. We can be very proud that we are ensuring that reliable, quality, and local news remain available online, because Canadians and our democracy deserve it.

Supporting Middle Class Families Across the Country

MP Van Bynen with the 2023 Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) students at Rose of Sharon in Newmarket

Last week, we announced our 2023 Fall Economic Statement (FES), outlining our government’s measures to create good jobs, help businesses grow, and build an economy that works for all Canadians.

This week, we tabled the Notice of Ways and Means Motion for the Fall Economic Statement Implementation Act, which delivers on key measures and advances our economic plan to support the middle class and build more homes, faster.

This legislation will support Canadians by: 

  • Modernizing competition in Canada to help stabilize prices and crack down on unfair practices by big corporations;
  • Making mental health services more affordable by removing the GST/HST on psychotherapy and counselling;
  • Supporting adoptive parents, including surrogates, with a 15-week shareable Employment Insurance adoption benefit;
  • Create a new paid leave for federally-regulated workers to support families who experience pregnancy loss;
  • Doubling the rural top-up on the pollution pricing rebate from 10 per cent to 20 per cent;
  • Removing the GST on new co-op rental housing construction;
  • Delivering the Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage and Clean Technology investment tax credits; and,
  • Allowing for the implementation of the Digital Services Tax to protect Canadians by ensuring that digital companies pay their fair share.

Our economic plan is about building a strong economy that works for everyone. Through this legislation, we’re doing just that. 

Tony Van Bynen

Member of Parliament for

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