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July 2nd Weekly Update

Message From Tony

Canada’s success depends on the success of its youngest generations. Gen Z is a diverse group, from those who are starting to think about their future career years from now, to those just starting their first full-time job. They have a lifetime of opportunity ahead—and we are empowering them to aim high.

Providing young adults with good opportunities to launch their career will be critical to Canada’s economic growth potential in the years to come. As baby boomers are increasingly reaching retirement age, our younger workforce must be equipped with opportunities to build their skills and gain meaningful work experience. Experience gained in summer employment provides a wonderful opportunity and develops experience that will serve young adults well in developing their career path.

To help younger Canadians pursue and achieve their dreams, we are investing to create more youth job opportunities and ensure hard work pays off for the next generation. Across Canada over 70,000 opportunities for youth have been created in partnership with charities, not for profits and small businesses.  Not only do young adults have the opportunity to gain experience but the program also provides valuable financial support to those organizations providing the opportunities.  In fact, Canada Summer Jobs provides an incredible ripple effect across communities.

My constituency of Newmarket-Aurora has received an investment of just over $1.2 million and will provide 70 organizations with the ability to hire 320 young adults.  The sectors are varied from camp counsellors to window washers to music teacher to choreographer to mechanical engineer technologist to daycare worker. CSJ prioritizes projects that support youth who face barriers to employment. This includes youth with disabilities, Indigenous youth, as well as Black and other racialized youth. By providing all young people with equitable opportunities to develop their skills, CSJ can help them to succeed in the job market.

Wonderful opportunities supporting young adults, organizations, and community.  Without question a win-win-win.

Investing in modern, sustainable infrastructure

Infrastructure is the foundation of healthy and prosperous communities. It connects Canadians and gets them to and from work, school, and home. It makes our communities appealing places where people can and want to live, play, and raise families. And by investing in modern, sustainable infrastructure, we are reducing harmful emissions, supporting supply chains, and propelling Canada forward as a global leader in the clean economy.

I was honoured to join the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury to celebrate the grand opening of a community hub on 177 Church Street, supported by a federal investment of $5.3 million through the Green and Inclusive Community Buildings (GICB) program. The GICB program invests in green and accessible retrofits, repairs, or upgrades of existing community buildings that serve high-needs, underserved communities across Canada. In Budget 2024, our government announced an additional investment of $500 million to support more projects through the program until 2029.

At the community hub, the GICB program helped redo the exterior walls, foundations, roof, windows, and doors of the building, and replace existing equipment with energy efficient models. 

The community hub will help residents of Bradford West Gwillimbury access vital social services and community service organizations such as the Helping Hand Food Bank, CrossTrainers Canada, WOW Living, Out of the Cold Cafe, Catulpa Community Support Services, and Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions. 

As Canada’s population continues to grow, it is more important than ever to ensure we build the right infrastructure now to construct a prosperous and sustainable future for all Canadians.

Advancing measures for universal pharmacare

Every Canadian, no matter what they make, deserve access to the medications and resources they need. Nobody should ever have to choose between their health and paying bills.

Earlier this year, the Minister of Health, Mark Holland, tabled Bill C-64, An Act respecting pharmacare, which laid out our plan for universal, single-payer coverage for a whole range of contraception and diabetes medication — our first step in achieving national universal pharmacare for all Canadians. This bill successfully passed through all stages in the House and is currently in the committee stage of the Senate.

This means that, once it passes the Senate and receives Royal Assent, 9 million women and gender diverse Canadians all across the country can get access to the contraception and reproductive autonomy they deserve. Cost has consistently been identified as the single most important barrier to access contraception. Bill C-64 will ensure that Canadians of reproductive age have complete control over their future and will cover oral contraceptives, copper and hormonal IUDs, injections, implants, rings, and morning-after pills.

This legislation will also get 3.7 million Canadians living with diabetes the medication they need to improve their health and reduce the risk of serious life-changing health complications, especially for communities disproportionately affected by it. The bill would cover insulin, metformin, and medications often used in combination with the two.

Through Bill C-64, our government is proposing a significant change to our health care landscape, which, together with the learnings for ongoing initiatives such as the National Strategy for Drugs for Rare Diseases, are part of our plan to ensure Canadians can access the medicines they need and pave the way forward towards the implementation of national universal pharmacare in Canada.

Tony Van Bynen

Member of Parliament for

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