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June 20th Weekly Update

Message from Tony

Last week, our government made progress on some of our key commitments to Canadians, like our promise to connect all Canadians with access to high-speed Internet all over the country by 2030, with our recent $71 million in combined federal and provincial funding for underserved communities in Ontario. We have also strengthened our economy while creating new middle-class jobs for Canadians with our deal with Rio Tinto to produce the world’s cleanest aluminum.

With the Budget Implementation Act set to receive Royal Assent in the upcoming days, Canadians will be able to benefit from measures that will make life more affordable, provide stronger public health and dental care, and build a cleaner economy.

On June 15, the House of Commons adopted a motion to permanently amend the Standing Orders. The amendments make hybrid sittings of the House and its committees a permanent feature of proceedings. They include the remote participation of Members, electronic voting, and the tabling of electronic documents. The amendments come into force on June 24, 2023.

June 21st marks National Indigenous People’s Day, a day for us all to recognize and highlight the unique heritage, cultures, and Indigenous ways of living and being. National Indigenous Peoples Day was first proclaimed by the Government of Canada in 1996 as “National Aboriginal Day” after consultations with various Indigenous groups. June 21st was chosen as National Indigenous Peoples Day because it is also the day of the summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year and holds great spiritual significance for Indigenous communities. In 2017, the Prime Minister announced that June 21st would be renamed to National Indigenous Peoples Day.

On Saturday I was proud to join my colleagues in the Pride Parade in Newmarket.  Honoured to walk with so many celebrating Pride.  Pleased to see thousands of residents join in the festivities.  It was a remarkable day of celebration, diversity, and inclusion. I joined Minister Ng and other Members of Parliament as the Minister made an echo announcement at The Sticks Craft Beer Bar on Main Street, of Canada’s – and the world’s – first 2SLGBTQI+ Entrepreneurship Program. This program will support the 100,000 2SLGBTQI+ entrepreneurs across the country who employ nearly half a million Canadians. This historic program will build on our work to foster inclusive economic growth in Canada through the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy and Black Entrepreneurship Program.

Celebrating York Pride

This past Saturday, I had a blast at the York Pride Parade with my fellow York Region Liberal members and everybody who attended to show their support!

It was wonderful to see all the organizers, volunteers, and attendees demonstrate their support of the 2SLGBTQI+ community.

Following such a successful event, we’re reminded that the best way to achieve an inclusive society is by working together.

Happy Pride Season!

Standing with Ukraine

As Ukrainians bravely defend their country and our shared values of peace, democracy, and human rights, Canada remains steadfast in our support.

Following a meeting between the Prime Minister and the President of Ukraine, we’ve announced additional measures to support Ukraine, including:

  • Military Assistance for Ukraine: $500 million in new funding for military assistance. Operation UNIFIER will be extended to 2026, providing significant capacity for the Canadian Armed Forces to respond to urgent Ukraine training needs. Canada will contribute to multinational efforts to train pilots, and maintain and support Ukraine’s F-16s.
  • Sanctions and economic measures: We are seizing an Antonov 124 cargo aircraft, previously operated by a Russian carrier. Imposing new sanctions against 24 individuals and 17 entities in Ukraine.
  • Humanitarian Assistance Response to the breach of the Nova Kakhovka dam: We’re allocating $10 million in new funding for immediate response to the collapse of the Nova Kakhovka dam. We’re redirecting $37.5 million in previously earmarked funds for Ukraine to support organizations responding to the needs of people in flood-affected regions.
  • Mental health: Canada is funding projects to support mental health initiatives in Ukraine.

All of these add to the over $8 billion in funding towards financial, military, humanitarian, development, and immigration assistance that we’ve committed.

Canada is committed to holding Russia accountable for its brutal and unjustifiable actions.

Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act

By investing and improving regulations to help Canada become the clean energy and technology supplier of choice in a net-zero world, we’re delivering on our commitment to move to a low-carbon future.

We’ve tabled Bill C-50, the Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act, which includes several measures that will put workers and communities at the centre of policy and decision-making by establishing a federal framework.

These measures, guided by the principles of equity, fairness, and inclusion, would include:

  • creating a Sustainable Jobs Partnership Council to provide the government with independent advice on the most effective measures to encourage sustainable job creation;
  • publishing a Sustainable Jobs Action Plan every five years, beginning in 2025; and,
  • establishing a Sustainable Jobs Secretariat to enable policy and program coherence across federal entities on the government’s sustainable jobs approach.

This bill follows our Interim Sustainable Jobs Plan, both of which have been informed by more than two years of consultations and conversations.

It’s up to us as a country to make the smartest possible choices to ensure prosperity for Canadians and a healthy planet for future generations.

Advancing Budget 2023 Priorities

We want to hear from Canadians on our previously announced Budget 2023 measures.

We’ve launched a series of consultations on these measures, such as:

  • Growing the clean economy;
  • Creating new opportunities for workers;
  • Strengthening the government’s ability to fight money laundering and terrorist financing;
  • Modernizing multinational business taxation to ensure tax fairness for Canadians and Canadian businesses; and,
  • Consolidating Canada Mortgage Bonds into the Government of Canada’s regular borrowing program, in order to redirect savings to affordable housing programs.

Canadians are invited to share their views and feedback on the proposed measures as the government works towards the implementation of these priorities.

Find the links to all the consultations and their deadlines here.

Advancing Work on Breast Cancer Screening

In Canada, it is expected that 12% of women in Canada will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Having breast cancer screening guidelines that are based on the latest science is essential.

We’re providing an additional $500,000 in additional funding to the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care to help expedite the updated of the breast cancer screening guidelines.

In addition to this, the Public Health Agency of Canada also intends to host a knowledge exchange event to bring together experts, partners, those with lived experiences, and stakeholders, to discuss the current state of the science, including knowledge gaps, related to breast cancer screening.

We’re committed to helping Canadians make informed decisions about what they need to stay healthy.

2SLGBTQI+ Entrepreneurship Program

Our government is committed to ensuring that all Canadians have the opportunity to contribute to a stronger, more competitive economy.

We’ve launched the world’s first-ever 2SLGBTQI+ Entrepreneurship program, marking another major step forward in creating a more inclusive society for all. 

The 2SLGBTQI+ Entrepreneurship Program will include three main components: the Business Scale-Up program, the Ecosystem Fund, and the Knowledge Hub.

All three components will deliver critical business advice, create resources, provide mentorship, and collect data needed to better understand the needs of 2SLGBTQI+ entrepreneurs.

This program complements our Federal 2SLGBTQI+ Action Plan to create a more equitable Canada for current and future generations.

Tony Van Bynen

Member of Parliament for

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