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March 19th Weekly Update

Message From Tony

Canadian Dental Care Plan

 Starting last week, dental providers from coast to coast to coast can confirm their participation in the historic Canada Dental Care Plan program through the Sun Life portal. In choosing to participate in the CDCP, oral health care providers are playing an important role in advancing more equitable access to oral health care and towards improving health outcomes in Canada. Resources and tools on how to assist and inform their patients about the CDCP will be provided to the oral health professional community.

Since the launch of the CDCP last December, more than 1.3 million seniors have been deemed eligible to receive oral health care services through the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) and more people are applying every day as applications are now open to seniors aged 70 and above. The need is tremendous, as many of these eligible Canadian residents may not have been able to see an oral health professional in the past, due to cost. 

Seniors who have been deemed eligible to the CDCP are starting to receive their personalized welcome package from Sun Life, which includes their member card, coverage start date and information on what they can expect from the CDCP, including details about how to make an appointment with a participating provider. We encourage Canadians who have an existing or preferred oral health provider to speak to them about their participation in the CDCP. 

Before receiving oral health care, people covered under the CDCP should always confirm with their oral health provider what costs, if any, will not be covered by the CDCP. 

Happy Nowruz!

Today, Persian communities throughout Canada and around the world will celebrate Nowruz, a festival that embodies the spirit of new beginnings, symbolizes prosperity, and encourages people to embrace the future while leaving the past behind.

Celebrated by over 300 million people worldwide, this festival holds significant spiritual and cultural importance. Friends, family, and communities will gather to bond through shared meals, festivities, and rituals, emphasizing the importance of family ties and social connections.

Among the cherished traditions is the setting of a “Haft-seen” table, which is adorned with seven symbolic items. Loved ones will gather around the table to enjoy traditional meals and reflect on their personal growth.

With thousands of Canadians of Persian descent in Newmarket-Aurora, I encourage everyone to learn more about the celebrations in our community. I also encourage everyone to take time to learn about the many contributions and achievements of Persian Canadians.

Happy Nowruz! Nowruz etan Pyrouz!

Biggest Hour for Earth 2024

Every year, communities world wide commit to going offline for an hour to do something positive for the planet. This Saturday, March 23, 2024, I encourage you to join the initiative and switch off at 8:30 p.m. local time.

During this hour, you can participate in activities like:

  • Going on a walk or bike ride
  • Playing a board game or a sport with friends and family
  • Tending to your garden
  • Cooking a meal with sustainable ingredients
  • Sorting through your items to donate them to a local clothes drive or thrift store
  • Looking around your house to find items that can be reused or switched to more sustainable products once they run out

It’s our responsibility to take care of our planet, ecosystems, and biodiversity. Our government is committed to taking action to protect the Earth by investing in initiatives like the Greener Homes Program, the 2030 Biodiversity Strategy, and the Emissions Reduction Plan 2030.

Learn more about what you can do this Saturday to support our planet’s wellbeing here.

Protecting Canada's freshwater sources

MP Van Bynen at the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority's Conservation Awards Ceremony in 2023

Lake Simcoe provides hundreds of thousands of Canadians with drinking water in southern Ontario and contains significant natural, urban, and agricultural systems.

However, with excessive phosphorus runoff from urban and agricultural sources, Lake Simcoe has seen an increase in nuisance algal blooms that have caused degraded water quality.

Through the Freshwater Action Plan, our government is working with partners across the nation to support sources of freshwater, including Lake Simcoe.

Under the Action Plan, we launched the Lake Simcoe Freshwater Ecosystem Initiative, which aims to support projects that demonstrate a plan to prevent toxic and nuisance algae within the lake.

Several project types are eligible and will be considered, but priority will be given to projects focused on innovation through the development, demonstration, and/or implementation of new technologies and approaches that can be applied to other freshwater basins.

I encourage organizations to learn more about eligibility and apply today. The deadline is this Friday, March 22, 2024.

Supporting workers as we transition to a low-carbon economy

Our workforce is leading the transition toward a greener and more sustainable future. We’re taking action to ensure workers and employers from coast to coast to coast have the skills and resources to thrive in the economy of today and tomorrow.

That’s why we’ve launched the Sustainable Jobs Training Fund (SJTF), an open call for proposals that will support projects that help workers upgrade or gain new skills for jobs in the low-carbon economy.

This fund will allocate up to $99.1 million for projects in the next four years, with each project ranging from $8 million to $15 million. Eligible projects for the SJTF must focus on one of the three following areas:

  • Low-carbon energy and carbon management, including energy-related sectors such as hydrogen, geothermal, wind and solar as well as jobs in carbon management, such as carbon capture, utilization and storage.
  • Green buildings and retrofits, involving the installation of low-carbon heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment (including heat pumps), energy efficient components, or renewable energy systems.
  • Electric vehicle maintenance and charging infrastructure, contributing to the country’s transition to electric vehicles with a focus on the repair and maintenance of electric vehicles, as well as charging infrastructure nationally.

Later this year, our government will launch a second call for proposals under the Canadian Apprenticeship Strategy, which will support thousands more workers in upgrading and gaining new skills.

I encourage all eligible organizations to learn more and apply.

The deadline to apply for the SJTF is May 15, 2024.

Tony Van Bynen

Member of Parliament for

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