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September 5th Weekly Update

Message From Tony

Online News Act Regulations

This past Friday, Minister St. Onge announced the proposed regulations for the Online News Act. This legislation will level the playing field and ensure that newsrooms across the country get their fair share when their work appears on digital platforms. The regulations spell out which digital platforms will be affected, and how they could seek an exemption from the mandatory bargaining process. To obtain an exemption, platforms must enter into agreements supporting the diverse production of Canadian news in communities across Canada. Starting September 2, 2023, a 30-day public consultation period will open, and the government welcomes the participation of businesses, academics, civil society, and all Canadians. Following the public consultation, the final regulations will be published. A strong, independent, and free press is fundamental to our democracy. We believe tech giants can and must contribute their fair share.

Building A Network of Charging Stations

We’re taking bold steps to support Canadians in adopting electric vehicles and reducing pollution while creating economic opportunities across the country. We’re building a nationwide network of charging stations by installing over 45,000 chargers from coast to coast to coast. This week, Minister Wilkinson announced funding for 1,578 additional chargers across various projects in Quebec. This will boost EV infrastructure in the province, supporting incentives to encourage Canadians to purchase or lease zero-emission vehicles, and develop electrified public transport. These initiatives not only promote clean transportation but also create good paying jobs that fight climate change while growing the economy. It’s an exciting road ahead towards a greener, more sustainable future for Canada! 

Back to school: Making life more affordable for students

As they head back to school, many students are worrying about how they’ll pay tuition and make ends meet. Our government is focused on helping them succeed as they build their careers, and help grow our economy.

Since 2015, our team has made post-secondary education more affordable and accessible. We permanently eliminated interest on Canada Student and Apprentice Loans; doubled Canada Student Grants; doubled the GST tax credit; and provided relief to student renters through the Canada Housing Benefit top-up. 

And this summer our Canada Summer Jobs program filled over 70,000 positions across Canada. These jobs with small businesses, non-profits, and local governments provided hands-on work experience for young people, helping them gain new skills that can lead to full-time jobs in the future.

Visiting Community Living Central York

The Community Services Recovery Fund (CSRF) provides support to community service organizations across Canada as they continue to recover from the pandemic. In Newmarket-Aurora, organizations received a collective total of $597,125 through the CSRF.

I had the opportunity to visit Community Living Central York, an organization that provides support to people who have an intellectual disability and their families. Through the CSRF, this organization received $56,796 to adapt and pivot existing programs/services.

Community Living Central York offers a variety of programs that help increase awareness of literacy, teach the benefits of healthy eating, deliver meaningful wellness programming, and more.

Thank you to Community Living Central York for having me.

Canada Summer Jobs Recap

MP Van Bynen with the CSJ staff at the Boys and Girl's Club of York Region
MP Van Bynen with the CSJ staff at Rose of Sharon
MP Van Bynen with the CSJ staff at Marquee Theatre
MP Van Bynen with the CSJ staff at Karma Country Camp

Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) provides young individuals aged 15 to 30 with meaningful work opportunities that help build experience and develop new skills. Across Canada, CSJ filled 70,000 positions in the workforce.

I’ve visited several Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) organizations across Newmarket-Aurora and have spoken to both students and staff about the importance of this program.

Through CSJ, we’re: 

  • helping Canadian youth access opportunities within various industries and sectors;
  • reducing barriers to employment;
  • supporting students as they save for post-secondary education or for the future; and,
  • helping organizations serve families and individuals in the community.

Our government is committed to supporting youth and preparing young individuals for the workforce.

Bringing High-Speed Internet to Thousands of Ontario Households

MP Van Bynen announcing YorkNet, a $19 million investment to bring Internet to rural York Region

All Canadians need access to reliable high-speed Internet, no matter where they live.

We’re providing over $219 million in combined federal and provincial funding for Rogers to bring high-speed Internet access to more than 66,000 households in over 300 Ontario communities, including over 600 Indigenous households.

Earlier this year, I joined my York Region Liberal Caucus colleagues and announced a $19 million investment through the Universal Broadband Fund to help connect thousands of households in rural York Region. 

The Government of Canada is connecting 98% of Canadians to high-speed Internet by 2026 and 100% of Canadians by 2030.

Improving Health Care for Women and Gender-Diverse People

All women, girls, Two-Spirit, and gender-diverse people in Canada deserve access to culturally safe, trauma-informed, non-stigmatizing and high-quality health care.

We’re investing $8.3 million into the Pan-Canadian Women’s Health Coalition – Hubs, which is made from 10 virtual hubs across Canada that are linked through a coordinating centre. Through this funding, the Coalition will be able to:

  • mobilize and scale-up newly generated and existing knowledge and models of care;
  • maximize research impact within and beyond the Coalition;
  • build capacity for the next generation of women’s health researchers through training and mentorship opportunities embedded within the hub;
  • engage in community-based priority setting activities; and,
  • identify future critical areas of women’s health research, based on community, regional and/or national needs.

The hubs will focus on key priority areas, such as the health of Indigenous Peoples, gender-diverse people, women living with HIV, and women who are incarcerated.

Nobody should be disadvantaged by discrimination and prevented from achieving their optimal health and wellness.

Tony Van Bynen

Member of Parliament for

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