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Launching a National School Food Program: Pre-Budget 2024

Every generation deserves a fair, healthy future – from kids, to parents, to grandparents. It’s why we’re supporting families and ensuring that children are set up for success. But when children don’t get enough food, it affects their health and their opportunities to learn and grow. Studies have shown several times that when kids eat well, they do better in school.

That’s why, in Budget 2024, we’re launching a new National Food School Program, which will help up to 400,000 every year access school meals. This $1 billion investment over five years means that hundreds of thousands of children will have healthy meals. It means hundreds of thousands of parents will be able to know that their children are taken care of are aren’t going hungry — especially for families who are disproportionately affected by lack of access to food.

This is a generational investment in the future of our kids, and we’re going to work with provinces, territories, and Indigenous partners to ensure all children in Canada has the food they need.

In January of this year, I joined the Newmarket-Aurora Youth Council, my colleagues, and representatives from the Breakfast Club of Canada to discuss the importance of National School Food policy and programs. It was wonderful to see the work they put into signing petitions and learning about this issue, and I am proud to see the program come to life.

The National School Food Program will help families, invest directly in the future of kids, and support Canada’s economy. We all depend on Canada’s future success, and that success depends on the youngest generations being healthy, doing well, and being set up to succeed.

Tony Van Bynen

Member of Parliament for

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