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April 9th Weekly Update

Message From Tony

On April 1st, 2024, all Members of Parliament and Senators received an increase in pay which is legislated by Bill C-30, a bill that received Royal Assent in 2005. Given the federal legislative process, the increase is automatically scheduled at the beginning of each new fiscal year.

It has become a tradition for members of the York Region Federal Liberal Caucus to donate their entire legislative pay increases to local York Region organizations. In keeping with what I have done in the past, I will once again, donate my entire pay increase for the fiscal year 2024-2025 to charities.

This year my salary increase will be donated to Southlake Regional Health Centre, CMHA York Region-South Simcoe and St. Vincent De Paul. My family and I are fortunate to call Newmarket home. Community non-profits are at the forefront of addressing community needs and I am proud to provide my support through this donation.   I wish to thank our charitable organizations for their enlightened leadership and compassion for the people of Newmarket-Aurora and their enduring efforts to ensure our communities are welcoming and caring places to live.

Investing to Accelerate Home Construction

To tackle our housing shortage and alleviate pressures for Canadians, we’re turbocharging the construction of new homes across the country. The best way to bring home prices back within reach is to increase supply right across the board – and quickly. 

That’s why, we announced an over $600 million innovative housing solution package.

We’re accelerating the pace of home construction to levels not seen since the Second World War. In order to do so, we need to change the way we build homes by investing in made-in-Canada ideas and technologies that make building homes faster, as well as more affordable and efficient. 

We’re making that happen by:

  • Committing $50 million towards a new Homebuilding Technology and Innovation Fund that will work with the private sector to increase the adoption of innovative housing technologies and materials in Canada’s homebuilding industry, including modular and prefabricated homes;
  • Providing $50 million to Canada’s regional development agencies (RDAs) for made-in-Canada technologies like 3D printing, mass timber construction, and panelized construction – adding to our previous investments in technologies modular housing, automation, and robotics;
  • Investing $500 million in low-cost financing through the Apartment Construction Loan Program for new projects delivered by prefabricated housing manufacturers and other homebuilders that use cutting-edge construction techniques;
  • Supporting the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation with $11.6 million to develop its Housing Design Catalogue for up to 50 housing designs – including modular homes, row housing, fourplexes, sixplexes, and accessory dwelling units. Housing manufacturers, provinces, territories, and municipalities can use this to simplify and accelerate housing approvals and build faster.

Helping up to 400,000 more students access school meals

MP Van Bynen, MP Ryan Turnbull, MP Mark Gerretsen, representatives from the Breakfast Club of Canada, and members of the Newmarket-Aurora Youth Council (NAYC) discussing a National School Food Program in January 2024

Every generation deserves a fair, healthy future – from kids, to parents, to grandparents. It’s why we’re supporting families and ensuring that children are set up for success. But when children don’t get enough food, it affects their health and their opportunities to learn and grow. Studies have shown several times that when kids eat well, they do better in school.

That’s why, in Budget 2024, we’re launching a new National Food School Program, which will help up to 400,000 students every year access school meals. This $1 billion investment over five years means that hundreds of thousands of children will have healthy meals. It means hundreds of thousands of parents will be able to know that their children are taken care of are aren’t going hungry — especially for families who are disproportionately affected by lack of access to food.

This is a generational investment in the future of our kids, and we’re going to work with provinces, territories, and Indigenous partners to ensure all children in Canada has the food they need.

In January of this year, I joined the Newmarket-Aurora Youth Council, my colleagues, and representatives from the Breakfast Club of Canada to discuss the importance of National School Food policy and programs. It was wonderful to see the work they put into signing petitions and learning about this issue, and I am proud to see the program come to life.

The National School Food Program will help families, invest directly in the future of kids, and support Canada’s economy. We all depend on Canada’s future success, and that success depends on the youngest generations being healthy, doing well, and being set up to succeed.

Accelerating the housing supply and supporting renters

Tony Van Bynen with Mayor John Taylor, Councillor Bob Kwapie, and Daniel Berholz of Rose Corporation

One of the biggest pressures on Canadians right now is housing, whether someone is renting or owning a home. Our government has already taken bold action to build more homes, faster, improve access to housing, and make homes more affordable. Since we launched the Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF) last year, we’ve invested over $3.7 billion in cities across the nation to build over 700,000 new homes in the next ten years. But we know there’s more work to be done.

That’s why we’re topping up the HAF with an additional $400 million, so even more municipalities can cut red tape, fast-track home construction, and invest in affordable housing. We’re also launching a new $6 billion Canada Housing Infrastructure Fund to ensure communities have the wastewater, stormwater, and solid waste infrastructure to support the construction of more homes. 

We’re delivering a $15 billion top-up to the Apartment Construction Loan Program to build a minimum of 30,000 new apartments from coast to coast to coast, meaning the program is on track to build over 131,000 new apartments in the next decade. We’re also reforming this program to make it easier for builders to build, like extending loan terms, providing additional flexibility on certain requirements, and more.

We’re launching Canada Builds, a partnership with provinces and territories to build more rental housing across the country. This partnership will require provinces and territories to meet benchmarks to deliver action to build even more homes. 

We’re making the playing field fairer for renters by launching a new $15 million Tenant Protection Fund, which would ensure tenants don’t have to face unfairly rent payments, renovictions, or bad landlords alone. We’re creating a new Canadian Renters’ Bill of Rights, developed and implemented in partnership with provinces and territories to help renters bargain fairly, crack down on renovictions, create a nationwide standard lease agreement, and give renters more agency.

All of these commitments are part of our government’s upcoming Budget 2024, the next step in our economic plan. We’re going to continue to take action to ensure all Canadians have access to safe, affordable homes — from children to seniors.

Building more $10-a-day child care spaces

MP Van Bynen with Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) students at Lullaboo Daycare

Part of what fairness looks like is making sure that we support each other at every stage of life, and invest in each other. That starts from childhood. Every child deserves the best start in life, but for too long, child care costs were as much as a rent or mortgage payment. That’s why we introduced $10-a-day child care across Canada – with all provinces and territories already offering, or on track to offer, $10-a-day child care. 

But not enough families have access to affordable child care spaces – so we’re building more.

In Budget 2024, we’re committing to build more affordable child care spaces and supporting more early childhood education workers. This includes launching a new Child Care Expansion Loan Program, providing $1 billion in low-cost loans and $60 million in non-repayable grants so that public and not-for-profit child care providers will be able to build new spaces and renovate their existing child care centres.

We’re also offering student loan forgiveness for rural and remote early childhood educators (ECEs), so that families in rural and remote communities have access to reliable and affordable child care. In addition to this, we’re investing $10 million to increase training for ECEs, so we can continue to build up the talent needed for the expansion of affordable, high-quality child care.

These measures will build on the already historic investments we have made to build a strong social safety net and strengthen the middle class. We’re going to continue investing families and child care to ensure everyone, in every generation, benefits.

Tony Van Bynen

Member of Parliament for

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