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Providing Canadians with Universal Pharmacare

Last week, our government tabled Bill C-64, An Act respecting pharmacare, which proposes the foundation principles for the first phase of national universal pharmacare in Canada. Through this Bill, we’re proposing to work with the provinces and territories to provide universal, single-payer coverage for a number of contraception and diabetes medications.

This is a historic piece of legislation that proposes a significant change to Canada’s health care landscape and is part of our plan to ensure all Canadians can access the medications they need.

Diabetes Medications

In Canada, around 3.7 million people live with diagnosed diabetes, with this number expected to continue to increase. In 2015, 25% of Canadians living with diabetes indicated that their treatments were affected by high costs of medications.

Through Bill C-64, our government is proposing to provide universal access to diabetes medications, which would improve the health of Canadians living with this disease and reduce the risk of serious life-changing health complications such as blindness or amputations. These medications would include:

  • Insulin, which is used by patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes;
  • Metformin, which is used by patients with type 2 diabetes; and
  • Other medications used in combination with insulin and metformin, including Sulfonylureas, and SGLT-2 inhibitors.

Separate from Bill C-64, our government has announced its intention to establish a fund to support access to diabetes devices and supplies.


Ensuring that all Canadians have affordable access to contraception is crucial in letting people have control of their own bodies, health, and future. Through Bill C-64, we’re proposing universal access to contraception and putting the choice back in Canadians’ hands.

Studies have demonstrated that publicly funded, no-cost, universal contraception can result in public cost savings. This Bill proposes to give Canadians universal access to:

  • oral contraceptives;
  • copper and hormonal IUDs;
  • injections;
  • implants;
  • rings; and
  • morning-after pills.

This bill means that 9 million women and gender diverse Canadians across the country can get access to the contraception and reproductive autonomy they deserve.

This bill means that 3.7 million Canadians living with diabetes will have access to the medication and life-saving resources they need.

Our government will continue to work with provinces, territories, Indigenous peoples, and other partners and stakeholders to improve the accessibility, affordability, and appropriate use of pharmaceutical products, by reducing financial barriers and contributing to physical and mental well-being.

No Canadian should have to sacrifice their health in the name of affordability.

Tony Van Bynen

Member of Parliament for

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