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June 6th Weekly Update

Message From Tony

Pride Month

This past week we observed the start of Pride Season, a time to reaffirm our support for 2SLGBTQI+ members and speak up against discrimination. It is a time to remember the importance of providing safer spaces for sexually and gender diverse people in Canada, where they can be their most true, authentic selves.

It is disappointing to see the York Region Catholic School Board’s decision to not fly the Pride flag during such a significant time of year. All students deserve to feel respected, accepted, and safe in their schools regardless of how they identify.

On June 8, the Government of Canada is raising the Pride Flag on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa. This is an important moment for Pride Season, which encapsulates a wide range of events held around the world from June to September. It is a time for 2SLGBTQI+ communities and allies to come together to celebrate the resilience for the Pride movement, to show the beauty and talent of the community, while also continuing to advocate for a safer and more inclusive Canada.

Getting over 300,000 kids dental care

Every Canadian deserves to get the health care they need, and that includes dental care. We created the Canada Dental Benefit to get kids the care they need by providing up to $1,300 over two years. Since applications opened in December, we’ve helped 300,000 kids from coast to coast to coast and that includes 740 kids right here in the riding of Newmarket-Aurora. This is putting money back in the pockets of hard-working families and making life more affordable right now. And in Budget 2023, we’re investing to expand dental coverage to low- and modest-income Canadians who don’t have dental insurance. 

Aurora Street Festival

I very much enjoyed the opportunity to connect with so many people at the Aurora Street Festival. A great opportunity for the residents of Aurora and a real tourism event for the community and businesses. Events such as this take a great deal of organization, commitment, and passion. The Aurora Chamber of Commerce deserves our gratitude for the incredible work put into ensuring that the festival was well run and truly enjoyable. Thank you!

Aurora Street Festival

The Aurora Street Festival is York Region’s largest community event, held annually by the Aurora Chamber of Commerce, with hundreds of vendors, amazing street performers, live music, and much more. 

This past Sunday, my team and I had the opportunity to host our own booth at the festival, featuring a bean bag toss, a local knowledge quiz, and much more.

We also had the opportunity to visit other vendors and booths to support local businesses.

National Indigenous History Month

June 1st marks National Indigenous History Month.

Throughout this month, communities across Canada will take this opportunity to honour and learn about the cultures, traditions, and experiences of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis.

Each week this month has a specific theme. The themes are:

  • June 1 to 6: Women, girls, and 2SLGBTQI+ people
  • June 5 to 11: Environment, traditional knowledge, and territory
  • June 10 to 18: Children and youth
  • June 19 to 25: Languages, cultures, and arts
  • June 26 to 30: Reconciliation

I encourage you to spend time this month learning about the history of Indigenous Peoples and how we must work together as we work towards reconciliation.

Find learning resources here.

Investing in the EV Economy

nvesting in electric vehicles (EVs) and their infrastructure is one of many ways that we’re keeping our air clean and helping Canadians save money.

We’re continuing to expand on our current support for EVs and their technology, like our recent $35 million investment to support EV chargers across the country. This funding will help install over 3,000 EV chargers in Ontario and across Canada.

To date, we’ve supported the installation of over 45,000 chargers across the country, provided 210,000 incentives to purchase a zero-emission vehicle to Canadians and Canadian businesses, and launched the ZEV Resources Hub.

Locate an EV charger near you here.

Supporting Projects Addressing HIV, Hepatitis C, and other STBBI

We’re investing $30.5 million through the HIV and Hepatitis C Community Action Fund (CAF) and the Harm Reduction Fund (HRF). 

This investment will support community-based organizations as they address HIV, Hepatitis C, and other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBI).

Through the CAF and the HRF, these projects will foster accessible, sustainable, stigma-free prevention, treatment, and support across Ontario.

We’re committed to working towards preventing new infections and supporting the global goal of ending HIV, hepatitis C, and other STBBI as public health concerns by 2030.

Canada Greener Affordable Housing Launched

By making investments in greener housing, we’re ensuring that Canadians have access to affordable housing while still being able to cut down on their individual emissions.

We’ve launched the Canada Greener Affordable Housing (CGAH) program, which will modernize affordable multi-unit residential buildings by making them more energy efficient and affordable to operate, while also extending building lifespans.

The CGAH program will make available $1.2 billion in low-interest loans over the next four years to help affordable housing providers complete deep energy retrofits on residential rental buildings.

Everyone deserves a safe, affordable place to call home.

New Horizon for Seniors Program

The New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) supports projects that empower seniors in their communities and contributes to improving seniors’ health and well-being.

We’ve invested over $61 million to help support over 3,000 community-based projects across Canada, including right here in Newmarket-Aurora.

In total, $233,926 in funding was provided to several organizations throughout our ridinh, including the Aurora Philosophy Institute, the DeafBlind Ontario Foundation, the Newmarket African Caribbean Canadian Association, and 10 other organizations.

Projects can range from online computer classes, financial literacy training, meal deliveries, and much more. 

Through the NHSP, we’re investing in the health and quality of life of seniors, and for Canadian society as a whole.

Tony Van Bynen

Member of Parliament for

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